L’Assemblea generale

The highest governing body of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Abkhazia is the General Assembly of members of Chamber.

Regular Board Meetings shall be convened by the Board of the Chamber at least once a year. To address the issues of urgency, may be convened an extraordinary Assembly.

Extraordinary Meeting shall be convened by decision of the Board of CCI RA, at the request of the Audit Commission or at the request of at least two thirds of the Chamber.

General Meeting of the Chamber of Commerce, RA:

  • Consider reports on the activities of the Chamber, reports of the Audit Commission and decisions on them;
  • elects the Board;
  • elects Audit Commission of the Chamber, takes position on its activities;
  • receives, modifies and supplements the Charter of the CCI RA;
  • identifies priority activities of the Chamber and the formation and use of property;
  • decides on the termination of the Chamber of Commerce,
  • considers other issues relating to the activities of the Chamber.

Issues discussed at the next as well as at an extraordinary meeting shall be decided by open voting, the decision taken by a majority (50% +1) of the members present to adopt, amend or supplement the Charter of the Chamber of Commerce and the termination of the Chamber. These issues are addressed by ballot at least by two thirds of those present at the meeting of the Chamber.

The decisions are effective immediately, unless otherwise stated in the decision.

To guide the activities of the Chamber of Commerce of Abkhazia in the period between meetings of the General Assembly of the Chamber elects a five-year Board of directors of the CCI RA.