External Relations and Investment Department

The core functions of the External Relations and Investment Department:

Establishing and developing business relationships with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, countries across the former Soviet Union and beyond. 

Establishing and developing relations of the CCI of RA with international organizations, other business associations. Ensuring the participation of the CCI of RA in exhibition and fair events, business and economic forums, conferences.

Assisting in the development of trade and economic relations of the Republic of Abkhazia with other states, searching and establishing contacts between Abkhaz and foreign enterprises.

Creating a positive image of the Republic of Abkhazia, CCI of RA and Abkhaz business community abroad.

Opening representative offices of the CCI of RA abroad, based on the goals and objectives of the CCI of RA in the external economic environment.

Arranging round tables, economic conferences with the participation of business representatives in the Republic of Abkhazia and abroad.

Providing advisory information to members of the CCI of RA on foreign trade and economic cooperation with other countries.

Tel.: + 7 (840) 226 35 72
E-mail: ext@tppra.org

Cvizhba Kama
Simoniya Herson
Basariya Naala
Kishmariya Elina
Ahvlediani Batal
Aryutaa Muhammad