The Board of the CCI RA

The number of elected Board members is determined by the Assembly of the Chamber. The Board is comprised by position of President and the Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce.
Board of directors is headed by the Chairman of the Board, who is the President of the Chamber.

Board of CCI RA:

  • chooses the President and Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce of the RA;
  • determines the main directions and priorities and forms of practice of the Chamber to achieve its statutory objectives;
  • defines the procedure for joining the Chamber and the termination of membership in it, decides to accept a member of the Chamber and the exclusion of members of the Chamber;
  • determines the size and order of payment of entrance and membership fees;
  • determines the nature of relations with business entities that interact with the Chamber;
  • convene the ordinary and extraordinary Assembly of the Chamber;
  • decides on the activities of the Chamber submitted for consideration by the President of the Audit Commission and members of the Chamber of RA.

Board meetings are convened by the Chairman as necessary, but at least once every three months. Special meetings of the Board may be convened at the request of the Audit Commission or the third member of the Board of the Chamber.

By decision of the Board, its members, who does not take part in the work of the Board with a good reason, who lose touch with the organizations that they represent when elected, or commit other acts that are incompatible with the principles of the Chamber, may be excluded from participation in the work of the Board.

Composition of the Board of the CCI RA:

  1. Tamila Mertskhulava – President of the Chamber of Commerce of RA, Chairman of the Board
  2. Adgur Lushba – Deputy Head of the Administration of the President of Republic Abkhazia
  3. Yuri Akaba – Deputy Director of Agricultural Institute of Science Academy of Abkhazia
  4. Astamur Gagulia – Vice-president of CCI of RA; General Director of "Premium Ltd."
  5. Mikhail Chalmaz – Chairman of the Board of Commercial Bank "Amr-Bank"
  6. Vakhtang Kharchilava – Director of the "Zarya" factory, Tkuarchal​
  7. Abesalom Kvarchia  – General Director of ARSP Trading House "Sukhum Babaev"
  8. Irina Zarkua -  Director of the "Atrium Victoria" hotel
  9. Vadim Cherkezia  – Public figure
  10. Ada Dopua – Chief of the Finance department of the CCI of RA
  11. Maya Adzhba – Chief of the Expertise department of the CCI of RA
  12. Iya Gabunia  - Chief of the External Relations & Investments department of the CCI of RA