The festival of culture and everyday life of Hemshin Armenians was held in Mahadyr village, Gagra district. This is the third Armenian culture festival. The “Hemshin” festival introduces the multinational people of Abkhazia the distinctive culture of Hemshin Armenians. The festival was organized by the Armenian community of the Republic of Abkhazia and the charity Fund “Hemshin”

The idea of holding the festival originated in the Armenian community two years ago. The name of the festival is connected to the name of the locality “Hemshin” in Western Armenia (today it is the territory of Turkey), from where Armenians, escaping from the genocide of 1915, moved to Abkhazia.

98% of Abkhazian Armenians are Hemshins, they speak their own dialect. The total number of the Armenian population in the Republic, according to official data, is 42.5 thousand people.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Abkhazia takes part in this event for the second time. This year the Chamber presented a large and colorful pavilion with dishes of traditional Abkhazian feasts, in addition, products of local manufacturers such as LLC “Wines and Beverages of Abkhazia”, LLC “Abkhaz gardens”, LLC RUE “Abkhazmed”, “Gifts of Abkhazia” , individual entrepreneur Enver Mukba (chacha, cognac), individual entrepreneur Irakli Dzhanashia (production and bottling of honey), individual entrepreneur Kamila Kvitsinia (asytsbal), individual entrepreneur Eldar Shokhin (fruit punches and jams), MUE “Kutol (Tea), LLC Abkhazprodukt (adjika “Amtsa”), LLC “Shato-Abkhaz” (chacha, cognac and wines), LLC “Sukhum Brewery”and others were presented at the stand. All participants of the festival, including guests from Russia, tasted traditional cuisine with a great pleasure.

-Participation in the “Hemshin” festival is a kind of symbolic for us, because we take part in it under the slogan “Abkhazia is my homeland!”. Today we are treating guests of the Pavilion not only with dishes of the Abkhazian cuisine, but also with the products of Abkhazian manufacturers, which we constantly present at various international exhibitions, ”- said the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Abkhazia Tamila Mertskhulava.

The purpose of such kind of events, in her opinion, is the desire of the organizers to unite all citizens of the Republic, all people living here, for whom Abkhazia has become the Motherland.

- The festival demonstrates not only the diversity of cultures, but also inter-ethnic harmony. In addition, such events contribute to the establishment of new contacts, - stressed Tamila Mertskhulava.

With respect to the participation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the festival, the chairman of Gagra region Armenian community  Khachik Minosyan warmly recalled the tragically died Prime Minister of Abkhazia, former President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Gennady L. Gaguliya.

- It was his personal initiative to take part in our festival. Gennady Gaguliya took part in the festival last year, and I am very glad that today the Chamber of Commerce and Industry continues this tradition”,-said Khachik Minosyan.

The President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba visited the pavilion of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Abkhazia. He remembered Gennady Gaguliya with kind words and expressed regret in connection with his sudden death.

- He created such a serious organization, which we can be proud of. I hope that you will continue his tradition and work for the benefit of our Republic,-said the President.

Together with the head of the state, the pavilion of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry was visited by the Parliament Speaker Valery Kvarchiya, Prime Minister Valery Bganba and Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Abkhazia Alexey Dvinyanin.

The festival "Hemshin" lasted until late at night and all this time the pavilion of the CCI of RA was visited by a large number of people.