The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Abkhazia Tamila Mertskhulava addressed a letter to the acting President of Abkhazia Valery Bganba, in which she proposed to support the country's business at this challenging time.
“In our view, it is essential to support enterprises of all spheres of economic activity, form additional support measures, depending on the situation in a particular economic sector,” –stressed the CCI President in her letter.
As it is well known, in connection with the Decree dated March 27, 2020, No. 76 "On imposition of emergency rule in the Republic of Abkhazia", in order to protect life and health of citizens, prevent the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus infection in the Republic of Abkhazia, most institutions and enterprises were obliged to change their work schedule. 
Entrepreneurs were recommended to suspend their activities in almost all regions of the Republic, which led to the loss of sometimes the only sources of income.
According to Tamila Mertskhulava, the current situation damages all areas of entrepreneurial activity, especially small and medium-sized businesses. Individual entrepreneurs also suffer losses, which make it more difficult to fulfill obligations to suppliers, pay rent and other financial obligations. The coronavirus pandemic was also reflected in export-import operations.
“Under such difficult conditions for the country, one of the important problems is finding a way out of the economic crisis through various measures to support entrepreneurship, fr om the tax revenues of which the general economic situation in the country depends. The measures taken by the state to support entrepreneurship are well-timed and have a positive impact on business, but they relate only to certain areas of activity,”-says the CCI President.
In this regard, Tamila Mertskhulava proposes to consider the possibility to minimize the taxation of the entire business for the period of the emergency regime and, if extended. Moreover, we propose that, after the cancellation of the emergency rule, the «tax break” should be extended for another month, in order to rehabilitate entrepreneurs.
“Such measures will allow the business to get out of the current crisis without large costs,” said the President of the CCI. 
Ms. Mertskhulava mentioned in her letter that “despite financial difficulties, the entrepreneurs of Abkhazia made a decision to create the “We stand together” movement and opened a special account wh ere everyone can transfer funds to fight against the virus.
“In such a challenging time, the state and business, as a single organism, make every effort to fight against the epidemic. That is why we believe that the state should take into account the needs of business at all levels of government. We are sure that if we stand together- the state, entrepreneurs and employees of all levels, we can overcome difficulties,”-summarizes Tamila Mertskhulava.