Business breakfast was organized at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Abkhazia with its new members, during which representatives of business community were able to communicate and exchange views over a cup of tea and coffee.

Opening the meeting, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tamila Mertskhulava noted that the basis of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is entrepreneurs who have made a choice in favor of this organization and become its members.

“There are more than 250 such legal entities and individual entrepreneurs throughout the republic. Today, there is a tendency of growth in the membership base, and this is the most important indicator of our work”, - stated the President of the CCI.

Tamila Mertskhulava said that the members of the chamber carry out their activities in industry, production, trade, provide various types of services, are engaged in advertising and information business, construction and repair.

The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry noted the growth in the quantity and quality of services provided by the Chamber. Economic realities are changing; new requirements for running business are emerging, legislative initiatives that require new types of services and new projects. Today the CCI provides over 70 types of various services.

“Our work is based primarily on communication with business. We hold official and informal events only on those topics that really excite and interest the Abkhaz entrepreneurs”, - stressed the President of the CCI of RA.

“We are not only holding round tables and meetings, but also organize business missions, participation in exhibitions, contests, B2B negotiations and events in other different formats, the purpose of which is to support and develop our business”.-said the CCI President.

According to her, all projects of the chamber are designed to protect the interests of the domestic entrepreneur and aimed at popularizing entrepreneurial activity, recognizing the achievements of Abkhaz companies and so-called image projects.

The topic of trade and economic cooperation between Abkhazia and other countries remains traditional for the CCI.

She recalled that the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a non-governmental organization and its main goal is to support business. The Chamber represents the interests of business is a kind of bridge between business and government.

“The main goal of the Chamber this year is to help businesses overcome the difficulties of the pandemic. We have prepared a number of proposals as urgent measures to support entrepreneurship to restore the economy.

Most of these proposals were accepted. The more support the business receives, the faster we will all get out of the crisis. The Chamber sees the economic future of our country as stable. We believe that we will become competitive in many areas,” believes the President of the Chamber.

Tamila Mertskhulava said that in the first half of 2020, despite quarantine and other restrictive measures related to coronavirus infection, the membership base of the chamber increased to 18 business entities of various organizational and legal forms. The type of activity of the new members of the CCI is production, hotel service, trade and services.

Among them - 13 individual entrepreneurs - Timur Mikaa, Ezkan Hopshukh, Medea Lagvilava, Artur Khachatryan, Irma Kvitsinia, Roman Mikvabia, Marianna Aytyan, Raul Gobechia, Aida Agrba, Adam Tsikutania, Araik Avedikyan, Svetlana Golandzia, and Svetlana Gabunia. Limited liability companies - "Karta", "Ecoproduct", "Alexandria 2010" and "Zoloto Abkhazii", and one republican unitary enterprise under the Ministry of Agriculture of Abkhazia - "Abkhazmed".

In turn, the entrepreneurs shared information about themselves, problems they have to face. Many of them expressed their gratitude to the leadership of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the entire team.

As part of the business breakfast, all new members of the chamber were presented with membership cards - certificates confirming their membership in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Abkhazia.

At the end of the meeting, Tamila Mertskhulava wished entrepreneurs not to get discouraged under any circumstances, to soberly assess their failures and believe in their success.

According to the Charter of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, membership in the CCI is carried out on a voluntary basis. The members of the chamber can be enterprises and entrepreneurs, as well as organizations uniting enterprises and entrepreneurs.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry maintains a non-state register of enterprises and entrepreneurs of Abkhazia, the financial and economic situation of which testifies to their reliability as partners for entrepreneurial activities not only in the republic, but also abroad.

Eight years ago, the Chamber initiated the adoption of the Entrepreneurial Code of Ethics, which regulates standards of conduct when doing business and building relationships with partners and competitors.