The representative cargo was safely delivered fr om Abkhazia to the SAR with support of the leadership of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party and Economic Committee under the Cabinet of Ministers of Syria.
The Abkhaz products obtained the import permit (from Tartus port to Damascus) from Economic Committee under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Syrian Arab Republic. 
The abovementioned information was posted on the official website of SAR CM and social network “Facebook” - 
Representative cargo was formed with the concurrence of the CCI of Abkhazia with heads of enterprises of the Republic. The cargo includes alcoholic products of the limited liability companies “Wines and Beverages of Abkhazia” and “Duripshskaya Vinodelnya”, non-alcoholic products and beer “Sukhumskiy” Brewery, “Mineralnie vodi Abkhazii”, adjika (Abkhaz traditional spices)- “Abkhazproduct” , nonpolluting honey - RUE MA of RA "Abkhazmed", asydzbal (Abkhaz spicy sauce)-individual entrepreneur Kamila Kvitsiniya, jams and compotes -Trading House "Rubin" and LLC "Abkhazskie sadi".
Products were delivered to Syria in order to open the Trading House of Abkhazia.
The building, wh ere the Trading house will be located, was assigned to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Abkhazia within the framework of cooperation between the CCI of the Republic of Abkhazia and the Federation of Association of Damascus Artisans. It is located in the Damascus single craft complex in the Syrian capital.
The leadership of the CCI expresses its gratitude and highest appreciation to the official representative of the CCI of RA in Syria Nizar Al Jabban for the executed work and hopes for further follow-up actions aimed at promoting the development of bilateral trade and economic cooperation between the two countries.
Unfortunately, opening an exposition on an ongoing basis and presenting Abkhaz products is currently not possible due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The official opening ceremony of the Trading House of Abkhazia in Syria will take place after lifting the quarantine.