President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Abkhazia Tamila Mertskhulava took part in the VI International Forum "South Gates of Russia 2020", which was held in the capital of the Republic of North Ossetia - Alania - Vladikavkaz.

The event was organized by Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, "My Business" Center and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of North Ossetia-Alania. The forum was moderated by Kazbek Tuganov-President of the RNO-Alania CCI.

The abovementioned Forum is a traditional platform for entrepreneurs from many regions of Russia and foreign countries. The current event was attended by heads of the CCIs of Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, as well as online speakers: Vice-President of the CCI of RF Vladimir Padalko, Director General of Grodno branch of the CCI of the Republic of Belarus Miroslav Sarasek, Deputy Chairman of Association of Exporters of Eastern Black Sea Coast of the Republic of Turkey Ahmed Gyurdogan, President of the CCI of the Republic of South Ossetia Alan Alborty, President of Pyatigorsk CCI, etc.

For several years in a row the Republic of Abkhazia has been represented by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the invitation of its North Ossetian colleagues.

The main topic of the event is to consider the development of trade and economic ties between entrepreneurs from different countries in the context of new economic reality created by COVID-19 pandemic.

The Forum aims to establish and expand business contacts between entrepreneurs in the field of trade and economic activities, implementation of joint investment projects, formation of new approaches to the development of online communications.

Opening the meeting, the Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania Kazbek Tomaev read a welcome message from the head of the republic Vyacheslav Bitarov. The message noted that one of the main tasks of the republic's leadership is to create conditions for a favorable investment climate and entrepreneurial activities.

Kazbek Tomaev noted the importance of expanding the forum participants, which makes it possible to determine new vectors for the development of export activities and contributes to the expansion of foreign economic relations, as well as the importance of such events for small and medium-sized businesses.

President of the CCI of RA Tamila Mertskhulava made a speech as a speaker with a report on "Formation of resort and tourist infrastructure in the Republic of Abkhazia, development of cooperation with enterprises of tourism industry of the North Caucasus". She noted in her speech, that "today tourism plays one of the main roles in the world economy and is one of the most dynamically developing types of international business."

“The potential of Abkhazia in tourism sector is enormous: the country has a rich cultural and historical heritage and natural resources. That is why, today, many Russian citizens prefer Abkhazia to foreign vacation spots.

Moreover, the instability in the foreign exchange markets and global geopolitical situation give a serious impetus to the development of inbound tourism in the republic,” stressed Tamila Mertskhulava.

She proposed to devise a general strategy for the development of tourism in Abkhazia and North Caucasus, which will determine the main tourist destinations, the most promising for development of the industry and increasing the mutual tourist flow. It is also necessary to consider the issues of investing in tourist facilities, as well as in development of tourist infrastructure and new types of tourism.

“The people of Abkhazia and Ossetia are fraternal and our ancestors went through difficult trials together. We remember how North Ossetian volunteers proved themselves with dignity, taking part in the war of the Abkhaz people for independence. Our state is open to cooperation and we are ready to participate in the processes taking place in the republics of North Caucasus and create a friendly partnership with them,” stated Tamila Mertskhulava.

She stressed that Abkhazia has a reliable economic and strategic partner - the Russian Federation, which helps the republic in the implementation of various projects.

The President of the CCI of RA recalled the agreement signed in 2019 on international road traffic between Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

“I believe that this document testifies the desire of the fraternal peoples for rapprochement and close interaction, as well as understanding of the importance of developing economic ties. This agreement will ensure the functioning of the year-round route Tskhinval - Vladikavkaz - Sukhum. This project bears social significance and opening of a new route will give a serious impetus to the development of tourism sector of both states, further expansion of transport network, which, in turn, will affect the economic indicators of our republics,” summed up her speech Tamila Mertskhulava.

President of the CCI of RA was accompanied by the head of External Relations and Investments Department Kama Tsvizhba.