The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Abkhazia published the 12th catalog of enterprises. Entrepreneurs and deputies of the National Assembly, government officials, public representatives and journalists were invited to the presentation, which was held in “Ertsakhu” restaurant.
The catalog of enterprises is a huge resource for economic entities, various services and advertising goods. Here you can find the right company, clarify key information about it; find out the address, as well as the necessary contacts.
That is why the catalog is in great demand not only within the country, but also abroad, as evidenced by the numerous requests to send it to the Russian Federation.
The preparation and issue of this annual business publication is always difficult. Every year more and more new enterprises, companies, manufactures appear, and all them are reflected in the Catalog. Thus, the publication is constantly updated and carefully moderated. This year, the Catalog is dedicated to investment activities in Abkhazia.
Any country, regardless of its status and financial situation, seeks to increase investment attractiveness. The Republic of Abkhazia is also trying not to stay away from global trends, realizing that investments play an important role in the formation of capital, the pace of economic development, and the level of welfare of the country. That is why the Chamber of Commerce and Industry decided to devote the Catalog 2020 to such an important topic.
This colorful publication (272 pages) includes information on 1300 enterprises, firms, organizations and individual entrepreneurs of the republic. Some of them were presented at the presentation with their environmentally friendly products - honey (RUE "Abkhazmed"), jams (LLC "Abkhaz Gardens"), which combined perfectly with delicious pancakes.
Speaking to participants and guests of the presentation, President of the Chamber of Commerce Tamila Mertskhulava reminded that the idea to start publishing the catalog belonged to the founder and first president of the chamber Gennady L. Gaguliya. He was always stressing that such catalogue would be extremely necessary for entrepreneurs and people working in the field of economics. And today the Catalog provides information on enterprises and organizations of the republic.
“The topic of investment is relevant throughout the post-war years. We very often talk about unique opportunities for investing in Abkhazia at various events, starting with a favorable geographical location, developing tourism, the transport and energy sector, the natural resource base and much more. An important role in enhancing the investment process is played by state authorities and administrations that implement measures aimed at increasing the investment attractiveness of the republic. Some work in this direction has already been done, in particular, the RA Law “On Investment Activities” has been adopted, an Investment Agency under the Ministry of Economy has been created”,- said Tamila Mertskhulava.
She believes that investment is not only the creation of employment, but also serious tax revenues to the budget. At the same time, the lack of an investment boom in Abkhazia is associated with insufficient work in this direction.
“It is necessary to focus on creating a safe and favorable business climate, developing business and competition, protecting investors' rights, affordable lending to small and medium-sized businesses, and participating in investment projects. In this case, business in Abkhazia can become very promising for investors”, - said Tamila Mertskhulava.
In her opinion, the state needs to pay special attention to national investors who are able to finance serious projects in their homeland.
“The Chamber of Commerce and Industry is called upon to defend the interests of entrepreneurs and investors as well. Therefore, we will continue to make every effort to protect business representatives,” said the CCI president.
“Investing is a complex process in which many structures are involved. Yes, we have problems in the development of this direction, but all issues can be solved”, - believes Gularia.
According to the chairman of the State Committee for State Property Management and Privatization Vakhtang Pipiya, the publication of the Catalog has become a good tradition for the Chamber of Commerce.
“Investing is the bridge that has become the connecting link between the economy of Abkhazia and the economies of the world. Today we have investors from countries which have not recognized us yet. And it is very good that the CCI promotes our entrepreneurs and gives them the opportunity to enter foreign markets”, said Pipiya.
According to a long established tradition, there were some awards. The leadership of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry awarded LLC Kyndyg-Agro, LLC Abkhazian Gardens, Grand Afon Hotel and LLC Avai-Agro with diplomas and silver medals for the formation of positive investment image.
Limited liability companies such as: “Abkhazproduct”, “Ahra-2006”, “Garuda-express” , Mega-Trans, “Sukhumskiy” Brewery, Positive, Sever1 and MC A-Mobile were awarded by certificates with the right to advertise on a free basis in the 13th edition of the Catalog of Enterprises 2021.
The media are serious partners for both entrepreneurs and business. They provide them with the opportunity to talk about their potential, the implementation of various projects. For the first time, the CCI expressed gratitude for the cooperation of two television companies - AGTRK and Abaza TV - "for objective coverage of economic processes in the republic and the creation of a series of programs on entrepreneurs." 
The awards were received by the television journalist of the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company Esma Dzhikirba, author of the project “Real Abkhaz Quality” and general director of the television company “Abaza TV” Ruslan Khashig.
The presentation was held in a festive atmosphere, “live” music was played by a sextet from the state chamber orchestra, the ceremony participants talked freely with each other and got acquainted with the contents of the 2020 Business Directory.