Dear entrepreneurs!
We are witnessing the situation with the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the world. The virus impacted not only the global economy, but also has claimed numerous lives. Moreover the number of confirmed cases and death rate are growing.
Currently, there are no coronavirus infection cases in the Republic. However, due to the fact that the dynamics of infections around the world has not subsided yet, Abkhazia has to take all necessary measures aimed at reducing the risk of diseases. 
The acting president of Abkhazia Valery Bganba held a meeting with entrepreneurs of the country to discuss issues related to the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection in Abkhazia. 
During the meeting, the entrepreneurs of Abkhazia made a decision to create the “We stand together” movement and open a special account where everyone can transfer funds to fight against the virus. 
Boris Bartsits, director general of JV LLC «A-Mobile», has been introduced to the Inter-ministerial Operational Headquarters on behalf of the business community.
The actions of the “We stand together” movement will be coordinated with the Ministry of Health, which in turn will provide it with a list of necessary equipment and medicines. All funds received to the special extra-budgetary account of the Ministry of Health will be spent by decision of the Inter-ministerial Operational Headquarters. Representatives of the movement "We stand together" in turn will inform the public about how much money will be collected, and where exactly they will be directed to.
It should be noted that the Movement includes large businessmen of the republic, including members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Abkhazia: mobile companies “Aquafon ” and “A-mobile”, limited liability companies “Premium”, “Wines and Beverages of Abkhazia”, “Azid”, “Alkhan”, “Akhra 2006”, “Jujnie svyazi”, “Flagman”, “Zolotoy kolos”, “Sukhum Brewery”, “Crimea”, “Conti-Opt”, “Sever 1”, Supermarket "Sukhum", "Apsny Duty Free" and Commercial Bank "Kibit Bank". 
The CCI of RA supports the initiative of entrepreneurs and appeals to all representatives of the business community, as well as ordinary citizens of the republic to support the state in the fight against the virus. 
Currently, the issue of acquiring mechanical ventilation devices, test systems, masks, disinfectants and much more is very acute. 
The CCI considers health and safety of our citizens an absolute priority - and will, within the limits of its capabilities render assistance to the state in the fight against the epidemic. 
We hope that the initiative of the representatives of “We stand together” movement will become a good example that many entrepreneurs of Abkhazia will follow.
All of us are responsible for the future of our country! All measures taken by the state will yield results if we show unity and understanding of the gravity of the current situation. 
Let’s make every effort to fight against the epidemic!

Funds can be transferred to the following bank account:
Full name:
Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the Republic of Abkhazia (MH and SB RA)
TIN - 12014914, TRC - 111001890
Sukhum, 20 Zvanba St. 
Bank details:
Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Abkhazia (MH and SW of RA)
Bank of Abkhazia
a / c - 40503810000000000016
c/ n - 06105002440
BIC - 224100000
BCC - 10500000000000000180
GAC code - 401000