Abkhazian State University


Abkhazian State University is the only university in Abkhazia. It was founded in 1979 on the base of the Sukhum Pedagogical Institute. The first rector of the University was Zurab Anchabadze.

The university consists of the departments of physics and mathematics, biology and geography, history, philology, economics, law; pedagogical and agro-engineering departments.

The first college in Abkhazia, Agro-pedagogical Institute of Sukhum was founded in 1932 and transformed in Pedagogical Institute of Maxim Gorky next year. Following the rallies and street demonstrations in 1978 it was transformed into Abkhazian State University with Abkhaz, Georgian and Russian sectors. In 1989 Georgian students demanded that the Georgian sector be transformed into a branch of the Tbilisi State University. This opposed by the Abkhaz and eventually led to the clashes in the city.

 Abkhazian State University - autonomous self-governing institution of higher education. Today Abkhazian State University is a multidisciplinary institution that provides the formation of intellectual potential and contributing to the socio - economic development of the Republic.

Higher education in the educational, scientific and cultural center of the Republic of Abkhazia, as is the state university, is available on the internal and correspondence forms of training.

Applicants can take a year -long preparation training for entry to the University School.

Most of the students of university are citizens of Abkhazia. In accordance with international agreements, at the university can be trained and citizens of other countries, as well as living in Abkhazia stateless persons.

Accepted to the university entrants with secondary education or secondary vocational education.

Training is carried out in the following areas: applied mathematics and computer science; mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, geography, jurisprudence, history, journalism, philology, linguistics and intercultural communication; adaptive physical education, physical Culture and sport; preschool pedagogy and psychology; art; pedagogy and methodology of primary education; Russian language and literature, pedagogy and psychology; actor-director's art; Medical Biochemistry; finance and credit; national economy; accounting, analysis and audit; Organization of Management; international relationships; socio-cultural service and tourism; customs business; agronomy; forestry; technology subtropical and flavoring products; electrification and automation industry and agriculture; the mechanization of agriculture; cars and car economy and others.

Non-government and public sector management, teachers and other schools are in the center of training and retraining of specialists to take courses (training) training in several areas, as well as to carry out training for the second specialty in educational programs of psychology, law, and others.

Abkhazian State University is a member of:

-Eurasian Association of Universities;

-Academy of human factors issues;

-One of the founders of the Association of Universities of self-proclaimed states.