Abkhaz proverbs


· Until the horse overturns, the horseman won’t fall.

· A wood has ears, and a field has eyes.

· If a woman wants to use cunning, a hundred men will be cheated.

· The world is a ladder: one falls, another rises.

· Better to have an egg today than a hen tomorrow.

· In cotton wool you will not hide fire.

· The best keeper of a secret is the person who does not know it.

· A mouse feels like a lion in its own mouse-hole.

· It’s easy to turn sweet into bitter, but difficult to turn bitter into sweet.

· You will have to pay back sometime if you borrow money or cause harm.

· However many you jump over, you can’t jump over yourself.

· The hand and the mouth find each other easily.

· Until you have seen the best, you won’t understand the worst.

· Where the high is not present, the low becomes high.

· From destiny you will not escape.

· A full person will not understand the hungry.

· Both bad and good are temporary.

· A bottomless jug cannot be filled with water.

· When the first leaves fall, there is nothing for the rest to laugh about.

· A dropped stone sharpens.

· The force of a river is known by its stones.

· You can’t clap with one hand.